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2D Animation & 3D Modelling

This course is a combination of two ICT courses. Students will learn about the basics of 3D Modelling using Blender and 2D Animation using Adobe Flash CS5. Students will receive credit for two half-credit courses (AN35SA & AN35SB) upon completion of this course.

For more details regarding classroom rules, acceptable use and grading policies please download the course outline below.

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Lessons & Assignments

The table below presents a sequence of lessons for this course. While many lessons are worded so that they could be used as self-directed learning aids, they are no substitute for the lessons you will get in class. I will use these lessons while teaching but there will be a great deal of additional information provided as I teach that is not in the written content on this page. It is in the best interest of students to pay close attention in class and to work throught the sample assignments I will give during the lessons before attempting assignments.


2D Animation (Adobe Flash)

Lessons Assignments
Understanding Animation  
What is 2 Dimension Animation?  
History of Animation Assignment 1
Basic Flash  
Creating A New Animation - Framerate & Screensize  
The Flash CS3 Workspace Assignment 2
Using The Timeline, Frames & Keyframes Assignment 3
Drawing Objects 1 Assignment 4
Drawing Objects 2 Assignment 5
Using Layers Assignment 6
Working With Symbols  
Managing Your Library  
Motion Tweening Assignment 7
Motion Path Animation Assignment 8
Tweening With Text Assignment 9
Shape Tweening Assignment 10
Shape Tweening Text Assignment 11
Advanced Flash Concepts  
Using Movie Clips Assignment 12
Action Script in The Timeline  
Action Script in Buttons  
Action Scripts and Scenes Assignment 13
Working With Sound Clips  
Using Sound Effects or Recorded Narration Assignment 14


3D Modelling (Blender)

Lessons Assignments