Did You Know?


Starting A New Animation

When you open flash the welcome screen appears and gives you many options on how to start a new animation.


Choose to start with Flash File (ActionScript 2.0), and the property inspector begins by displaying various options that you will need to set before you begin.


Document Name, Screen Size & Framerate

It's important to set the document name, screen size and framerate before you begin. If you leave the default screen size, and later decide that it is too large or too small, you will have to redesign everything in your animation if you want to change the screen size.

To Change the Screen Size

1. Click on the button.

This will bring up the Document Properties dialog box.


Here you can change the document name, the height and width and the framerate. First we must consider a few things.

Screen Size

If you want, you may choose to match the document size to the printer size, to the contents (objects in your animation), or default (which resets the size to 550 x 400).

**** Note **** The default size is the most commonly accepted size on the web. This does not mean that you are restricted to this size, but it is considered the default because it is large enough to be viewed on a computer monitor, but not so large that it requires the user to scroll sideways or up and down to see the entire animation.

We should also remember that the larger the screen size, the larger the file size. This will mean slower loading times on the web.


Frame Rate

The frame rate defines how many frames your animation will try to play in one second. This corresponds directly to the length of time your animation takes to play. Consider the following equations:

48 Frames of animation          Played @ 24 fps             (frames per second)= 2 seconds of animation

48 Frames of animation          Played @ 12 fps             (frames per second)= 4 seconds of animation

In other words, the higher the framerate, the faster the animation moves. This means less animation time.

To Change The Frame Rate

1. Click on the button.

2. Enter the new frame rate

**** Note **** The actual frame rate of playback might vary according to the processor speed of the user and their download time due to connection speed.

If you set your frame rate too low, your animation will appear blocky and awkward. If you set it too high, your animation will not dispaly at all because the monitor can not display images that quickly.

It is recommended that you use a frame rate of no less that 12 fps and no greater than 25 fps. It is ideal to use a frame rate of 20 to 22 fps. This will give you a rate that is similar in motion to what is used in motion picture animations and film.