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Composition Assignment 1 - Elements of Composition Research Project

For this assignment you will research and develop a lesson for two of the Elements of Composition listed below. You may choose the first, and I will assign you a second one.

Follow these steps for each element of composition:

1) Research your chosen element of composition using google search. Using keywords such as "photography", "composition" and the name of your element, i.e. "simplicity"

2) Create a Power Point slideshow named firstnamelastname-compassign1a.docx.

3) On the title slide write the name of your element of composition and your name.

4) One the second and third slides (and fourth if necessary) record all of the information you've collected about your element.

****Note: Do not copy and paste! You are to write the information you find in your own words that you can easliy read and explain. This is very important because you will be required to teach these concepts to the class next week.

5) Each piece of information you find must be followed by the URL (website address) where you found that information.

6) Find 4 photos online that represent your chosen element of composition.

7) Place each of the 4 photo on their own slide and include the URL of where you found the photo on the slide if applicable.

8) Beside each of the 4 photos, write a brief paragraph explaining how the photo represents your element of composition. Use arrows and captions where applicable.

9) Sign out a camera and go out to capture 3 photos that represent your chosen element of composition

10) Repeat this process for your assigned element of composition and name the file firstnamelastname-compassign1b.docx

11) Finally, use your Power Point slideshow to teach one of your elements of composition to the rest of the class. It is important that you do a good job because the class will be depending on you for their learning.

When finished, login to Edmodo and complete hand in your assignment.

Here is a sample I've created using the element of composition known as simplicity.