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Composition Assignment 2 - Elements of Composition Portfolio

Now that we have learned from our classmates about a variety of elements of compositon, it is time to put our knowledge into practice. You will be required to capture a photo for each of the following elements of composition:

For this assignment you may re-use the photos that you captured for the previous assignment (you do not need to redo the elements you already did).

Follow the steps listed below:

1) Create a Power Point slideshow named firstnamelastname-compassign2.docx.

2) On the title slide write "Elements of Composition" and your name.

3) Create a slide for each element in the list.

4) On each slide include the name of the element (title), the photo you captured and a brief description of how the element is represented in your photo.

When finished, login to Edmodo and complete hand in your assignment.