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Digital Picture Basics Assignment 3 - Why Take Photos?

This assignment will help you to explore the balance between the purposes of photography.

Your assignment is to capture "The Essence of St. James Collegiate". Sign out a digital camera and go around the school taking photos of people, objects, or landmarks that you believe tell the story of St. James Collegiate.

You will need at least 5 photos (all should be significantly different than the others).

1) Create a Power Point slideshow and choose a theme to decorate it. Save it as firstnamelastname-DPAssign3.pptx to your documents folder.

2) On the title slide write "The Essence of St. James Collegiate".

3) Copy your first photo onto the second slide and resize it to take up most of the slide.

4) In the notes section (below the slide) answer the following questions:

- Was your focus Documentary or Expressive?
- Why does this photo represent the essence of St. James Collegiate?
- If your focus was documentary, what story does your photo tell?
- If your focus was expressive, what emotion or feeling are you trying to evoke?

5) Repeat this process for the next 4 photos.

6) Save the file and hand it in on Edmodo.


Login to Edmodo and complete DP Assign3.


As a sample, I have prepared a write up and photo for a picture that I took while on vacation in Paris.