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Digital Picture Basics Assignment 4 - New Photographer Tips

For this assignment we will be going to Bruce Park. We will be spending about an hour wandering the park in search of subjects to photograph. You are encouraged to take as many photos as possible and to experiment. In the end, you must submit a picture that demonstrates your understanding of the following tips from the lesson:

The 4 photos you select, must also satisfy the following requirements:

1) Create a Power Point slideshow and choose a theme to decorate it. Save it as firstnamelastname-DPAssign4.pptx to your documents folder.

2) On the title slide write "New Photographer Tips: Bruce Park Photos". Also, include your name and the course name on this slide.

3) Copy your first photo onto the second slide and resize it to take up most of the slide.

4) In the notes section (below the slide) answer the following questions:

- Which New Photographer Tip does this photo represent?
- Explain how you went about taking the picture.
- Why did you chose this picture to share?
- How does this photo demonstrate the importance of focus?

5) Repeat this process for the next 3 photos.

6) Save the file and hand it in on Edmodo.

Login to Edmodo and complete DP Assign4.

A sample assignment page can be found here.