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Digital Picture Basics Assignment 5 - Photographing People

Your assignment is to experiment with photographing people. You must include:

An arranged group photo (6 people or more)
A natural life photograph
A photograph of someone at work
A casual or planned portrait

1) Create a Power Point slideshow and choose a theme to decorate it. Save it as firstnamelastname-DPAssign5.pptx to your documents folder.

2) On the title slide write "Photographing People". Also, include your name and the course name on this slide.

3) Copy your first photo onto the second slide and re-size it to take up most of the slide.

4) In the notes section (below the slide) answer the following questions:

For each picture you will have to describe how you went about taking the picture and what things you considered when taking the picture. If you are stuck for things to talk about, go back to the lesson and read the tips for each type of photo.

5) Repeat this process for the next 3 photos.

Turn your assignment in on Edmodo