Did You Know?


Event Coverage Assignment

A major part of this course will be dedicated to build the yearbook. In order to do this, we have to make sure we have ample materials by the end of the year to build it.

For this assignment, you are expected to sign up for one event per month to cover as a photographer. These events will not be given to you, or event presented to you as an option. Instead, it is your responsibility to find something to photograph that month. If you miss your assignment one month, you can make up for it covering two in the next month. This can only be done once, so don't get in the habit of missing your monthly event coverage!

Where Do I Find Out What's Happening?

If you don't know where to go to find out what's going on in the school, here are some places to start:

Sign-up will be first come, first served. This means you can sign up a month in advance if you really want to. The first class of every month will be designated as sign-up day. So you can expect that I will ask people to come up front and write their event and name on the calendar at the front. Sometimes, I may ask you to cover and event that nobody has signed up for yet. If this is the case, and you've already signed up for something that month, you can use this event towards credit for your next month's coverage.

Note: You may sign up to cover an event in pairs, but then I will be expecting twice as many pictures. This means that you will each take a camera to work the event.


How Will I Be Marked?

Your mark for each event will be determined by the following factors:

• Punctuality & Reliability – Did I have to remind you or chase you to get this done?

• Quality of Photos – Are there usable photos from the event?

• Quantity of Photos – Are there enough photos that we can choose from?

• Uploading & Camera Maintenance – Did you upload your photos properly and return the camera in the proper way.

You will receive 10 marks for each event which means a total mark out of 50 for the end of the year.