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Daily Shoot Portfolio -

There is no substitute in life for experience. The same rings true in photography. The more time you spend exploring with your camera the better you will become at taking photos. The secret to improving, however, is reflection on what you have already tried.

For this assignment you will create an account on and share your project with me and your classmates. For this assignment you will capture and upload a photo everyday. This photo must be accompanied by a written reflection of no less than 50 words. Your reflection should make specific reference to concepts we have learned in class as well as your own personal thoughts on your work.

What Kind of Things Should I Say in My Reflection?

You could discuss the following:

Describe the circumstances of taking this picture. Tell the story…

What concepts from this course did you use?

What are your thoughts about your work?  How does this photo make you feel?

What have you learned in the process of taking this photo?


The second part of your mark for this assignment will be given based on your responses/replies/ critiques of your classmates photos.

To offer some flexibility, I will grade your portfolio at the end of each month as well as your replies to your classmates work. This means that you cannot simply take a bunch of photos and upload them on the last day of the course, as this does not give you ample time to grow and reflect as you learn.

Create an account at and share your project with me.

My username is AlisterCA.

Once you've done that, you can see my list of followers (this will be your classmates), then you can follow them too so that you can reply to their postings.