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Publication Planning Assignment 1 - Developing a Theme

This assignment will help you to explore the idea of using a theme in your yearbook.

Each of you will work with a partner to choose a theme from the theme list

Once you've chosen a theme you must decide how you will carry the theme through the book. Your ideas should include plans for the following:

You will have two full classes to develop your ideas. You should create things like, rough sketches, image printouts, or cover or heading samples, magazine clippings, etc. Anything that represents your ideas.

One last thing to mention, If we choose your theme for our yearbook it is important that it does not contain copyrighted images or we will not be able to publish them. To ensure that your pictures are licenced for creative commons, search using

You will present your idea to the group
to be considered for our yearbook.

Do Not Show Up Empty Handed!