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Publication Planning Lesson 3 - Signature Planning?

Now that we've decided what content we would like to include in the book, it is time to decide how to arrange it. For this, we must get a better understanding of how a yearbook is organized and printed.

Organizing Your Book

Remember the major categories we mentioned in the last lesson? These become the sections of your book. Each section begins with a divider page and can have as many or as few pages as we deem fit. These sections are:

You can also add additional sections if your "Wanna Haves" don't fit into one of the sections listed above.

Planning Signatures

Many people don't know this, but a yearbooks are designed a printed in 16 page signatures. A signature sheet is one large piece of paper. There are eight pages of the book printed on each side of the signature sheet. The giant sheet is then folded and cut so that 16 pages appear in the correct order. The image below shows an unfolded signature.


For this reason, we plan our pages our using a planning ladder that is separated into signatures


The reason that this is important to design like this is that we can't submit individual pages for publishing. In fact, our submission deadlines require two complete signatures for every submission. Our deadlines for this year are:

Submission 1 - February 1 (32 pages)

Submission 2 - May 1 (32 pages)

Submission 3 - June 30 (32 pages)

The good news is the signatures don't have to be submitted in order. So if we want to submit the first and last signature of the book in June, we can.