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Digital Images & Desktop Publishing

This course is a combination of two ICT courses. Students will learn about the basics of Digital Images including photo techniques and computer photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop, while also learning principles of Destkop Publishing using Adobe InDesign. There will also be a required written component to the course as good writing is a vital part of any publication. Students will receive credit for two half-credit courses (DI 25S & DP 35S) upon completion of this course.

For more details regarding classroom rules, acceptable use and grading policies please download the course outline below.

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Lessons & Assignments

The tables below present a sequence of lessons for this course. While many lessons are worded so that they could be used as self-directed learning aids, they are no substitute for the lessons you will get in class. I will use these lessons while teaching but there will be a great deal of additional information provided as I teach that is not in the written content on this page. Students will be expected to share their work so that we may learn from each other.


Long Term Assignments

Daily Shoot Portfolio -
Event Coverage Assignments


Digital Picture Basics

Lessons Assignments
Lesson 1 - How Digital Cameras Work
Lesson 2 - DSLR Vs. Point And Shoot DP Basics Assignment 1
Lesson 3 - Image Size, File Size and Resolution DP Basics Assignment 2
Lesson 4 - Digital Photo Formats  
Lesson 5 - Why Take Photos DP Basics Assignment 3
Lesson 6 - Uploading and Storing Your Photos DP Basics Assignment 3a
Lesson 7 - New Photographer Tips DP Basics Assignment 4
Lesson 8 - Photographing People DP Basics Assignment 5



Lessons Assignments
Lesson 1 - What is Composition? Composition Assign 1
  Composition Assign 2


Publication Planning

Lessons Assignments
Lesson 1 - To Theme or Not To Theme Publication Planning Assign 1
Lesson 2 - Yearbook Content Publication Planning Assign 2
Lesson 3 - Yearbook Signature Planning Publication Planning Assign 3



Modifying Your Photos (Adobe Photoshop)

Lessons Assignments
Lesson 1 - Welcome To Photoshop Photoshop Assignment 1
Lesson 2 - Photo Corrections & Enhancements Photoshop Assignment 2
Lesson 3 - Retouching Photos Photoshop Assignment 3
Lesson 4 - Working With Selection Tools Photoshop Assignment 4
Lesson 5 - Selective Colouring Photoshop Assignment 5



Desktop Publishing (Adobe InDesign)

Lessons Assignments