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DFM Assignment 11: Camera Movement - Public Service Announcement

Using what you've learned in the lesson about camera movement, create a public service announcement on a topic that is important to you. You will work in a group of 3 as chosen by your teacher to complete this assignment.

A public service announcement (PSA) is a type of advertisement which is intended to raising awareness of an issue, affecting public attitudes, and potentially calling people to action.

1) Choose a public service announcement message / topic and clear it with your teacher.

2) Brainstorm some ideas with your group and jot down notes and ideas

3) Select music that will go well with your PSA idea - remember that sound is vitally important to creatingthe proper mood in film and eliciting the right response from your viewer. Make sure you are using creative commons licensed sound files and give proper credit at the end of your film.

3) Create a neatly drawn storyboard that includes:

a) A variety of Field of View
b) At least 3 unique camera angles
c) An example of panning & tilting
d) An example of dollying & trucking
e) An example of the 360 effect
f) A clear plan for sound, titles and transitions

4) Film the footage and don't be satisfied with "good enough"! Make sure your filming is Straight, Steady and Smooth!

5) Edit the film footage using Final Cut Pro X

Your PSA must be exactly 30 seconds long (as this is what is required for standard commercial spots on television).

To hand in your assignment

In Final Cut Pro Xchoose Share > Export Media

***Set the Video Codec to H.264 and Export the movie to your desktop***

Hand in the exported movie file from your desktop


To see how you will be marked, download the DFMAssign11Rubric