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DFM Assignment 12: Using Narration - News Story

Using what you've learned in the lesson about Narration, create a news story on a topic that is important to you. You will work in a group of 2 complete this assignment.

To create a good news story, you should follow the tips outlined below:

1) Journalism isn't fiction writing - you can't create stories from your imagination. You have to find newsworthy topics worth writing about. When you identify a topic, check with your teacher to make sure it is ok.

2) Make a list of people you would like to interview about the topic. Talk to these people about your topic before you interview them to gather more information.

3) Write out your interview questions. Note: Your questions may vary from person to person

4) Conduct your interviews with your subjects on Camera.

5) Film any footage of your subject that will complement your story.

6) Film yourself doing:

a) Reporting on the subject
b) The Sign Off - The conclusion of the story followed by your name and who you're reporting for.

8) Choose the best footage from each interviewee (you don't need to include everything, just the pieces that make your story shine).

7) Edit the film footage using Final Cut Pro X

8) Record Narration to go with your video footage (make sure to include a "lead" - The hook at the beginning that introduces the story in an interesting manner)

Your News Story must be at least 1 minute in length


For an example of a well made news story click here

To hand in your assignment

In Final Cut Pro Xchoose Share > Export Media

***Set the Video Codec to H.264 and Export the movie to your desktop***

Hand in the exported movie file from your desktop


To see how you will be marked, download the DFMAssign12Rubric