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Digital Filmmaking Assignment 3: Defining Your Film

Using the Defining Your Film Template, Choose 2 of the following film subjects and develop a film idea for each. Plan for each film to be approximately 1 minute in length. You may work alone or with a partner.

Film Subjects:

- My Typical Day at School

- When I Grow Up...

- My Love Affair With Food

- My Homework is Not Finished Because

- Jimmie Pride Nation Wide!

- City Life vs. Rural Life

You may also come up with your own subject(s) if you prefer, but it must be school appropriate and be approved by the teacher before you begin.

**** Note ****

I expect that you will use a summary level treatment for each film idea. This means you should have a scene by scene description of what you would put into your film.

To see how you will be marked, Download the DFM Assignment 3 Rubric