Did You Know?


Lessons 1 - 3 Reverse Quiz

In this process, you will work in a group of 3 to review the content and concepts from lessons 1-3. You will then design quiz questions based on these concepts.

Your Quiz Must Have:

- 5 true/false

- 5 multiple choice

- 5 fill in the blank

- 2 short answer


Please save your reverse quiz as firstnamelastname-reversequiz1-3.docx and place a copy in my assignments folder

Then, create an answer key and save it as firstnamelastname-reversequizkey.docx and place a copy in my assignments folder


Examples of bad questions:

1) One slide number 4 paragraph two, what is the third word?

2) Which format uses light converted to DC current?


Examples of good questions:

1) What does CRT stand for?

2) True or False: Time is divided evenly throughout the four stages of the filmmaking process.