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Digital Filmmaking Assignment 6: Reverse Storyboarding

For this assignment you will create a storyboard from the movie trailer: Rudy.



You may work with a partner to create this storyboard, but you must be as detailed as possible including:

- Type of shot (Wide Shot, XCU, MS etc.)

- Details of Shot (i.e. pan from left to right, follow actor as they walk, zoom in on face, etc.)

- Length of shot (number of seconds)

- A detailed description of the audio for the shot (including spoken lines)

- Actor Cues (i.e. motion or emotion of actors)

- Transitions used between shots

Save the Storyboard Template to your hard drive. Print it out and then use it to storyboard your film trailer.

To see how you will be marked, Download the DFM Assignment 6 Rubric