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DFM Assignment 9: Angles & Field of View - The Walk

For this assignment you will work in a group of two to storyboard, film and edit footage of a person walking that demonstrates the emotion they feel. Your finished product should be at least 30 seconds in length and no more than 1 minute.

1) Begin with choosing an emotion that you wish to convey.

2) Select music that will allow you to convey this emotion - remember that sound is vitally important to creating video. For this assignment you can bring in your own music in mp3 format.

3) Create a storyboard:

a) Choose a variety of camera angles and fields of view.
b) Match each shot to to what is happening during the song.

4) Film the footage

5) Edit the film footage using Final Cut Pro X

To hand in your assignment

In Final Cut Pro Xchoose Share > Export Media

***Set the Video Codec to H.264 and Export the movie to your desktop***

Hand in the exported movie file from your desktop


To see how you will be marked, download the DFMAssign9Rubric