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Film Assignment Final - Music Video

Using what you've learned in this course, you must plan, storyboard, film and edit a music video for a song of your choice. This is not a group project and so you must work individually. Because this assignment is meant to gauge your learning, there are a few required elements to your video.

Step 1 - Begin by defining your film using the Defining Your Film Template - Music videos always have a concept or tell a story. When defining your film, you will explain your concept/story for your video and give a brief outline of how it will go.

During this phase you will want to choose a song and develop a concept. Your song must be between 2 and 4 minutes and should be school appropriate. This means no explicit lyrics or inappropriate language. Once you've chosen your song, print out the lyrics.

Step 2 - Next, you will storyboard your film. You must include the following things when storyboarding:

  1. Audio must be detailed.... each shot must have the lyric beside it.
  1. You must vary the field of view

  2. Use an example of 3 unique camera angles
  1. Use camera movement including:
  1. Titles and transitions should be clearly identified in your storyboards.

Step 3 - Film

You can ask other students to be actors in your film, but you must do all of the filming.

Step 4 - Edit Using Final Cut Pro X following the requirements listed below:

Your finished product must be a smooth and creative story with a clear beginning, middle and end. Your video footage should be edited to fit the music (i.e. timing of lyrics should coincide with timing of video). Don't be lazy in planning as this will show through in your finished product.

To see how you will be marked, Download the Film Assignment Final Rubric