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Assignment 6 - Working With Images

You are going to create a slide show entitled "My Family". The following criteria must be met:

1. You must have at least 5 family members and thus 5 slides (although more are encouraged).

2. Each slide must contain an image of the person that has been adjusted to be clear and large on the slide.

3. Each slide must also contain a Word Art title expressing who the person is.

4. Each slide must contain a short description of who the person is, and what they are like.

5. Each slide must include at least 1 piece of downloaded clip-art and at least 1 secondary photograph that complement their paragraph of information.

6. Each slide must be creatively laid out, and visually appealing. You must make use of 3-D, Reflection, Shadow and Glow effects. Remember that arranging items is an Art!

7. The background, font, and shape colors used on each slide should set the tone for the type of person each family member is.

8. Do not use any automated settings (no auto-content wizard, design templates, layouts, quick styles, etc.)

9. Have fun with this. You don't have to use actual family members, in fact you are encouraged not to, so that you can be expressive, show your comedic side, and not be limited.

10. Remember that no photograph can be sized larger or smaller by more than 25%! You will lose marks if you try to do this. So if a picture won't resize big or small enough without breaking the rule, find another image!

For this assignment, and each one after this, you should create an assignment folder to keep everything together. Create a folder inside your PowerPoint folder called firstnamelastname-assignment6. Save all pictures to this folder, as well as your presentation. Your file should be saved as "myfamily.ppt".

When completed, place a copy of the whole folder in my shared folder.

The image below is a sample to guide you in your design.