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Information Communication Technology - ICT15F

This course is a combination of two ICT courses. Students will learn about the basics of Information Communication Technology including the development of electronic presentations, 2D animation, Web Design, computer generated graphics, digital photos and manipulation and more. Students will receive credit for two half-credit courses (ICT 15FA &ICT 15FB) upon completion of this course.

For more details regarding classroom rules, acceptable use and grading policies please download the course outline below:

Download Course Outline


Lessons & Assignments

The table below presents a sequence of lessons for this course. While many lessons are worded so that they could be used as self-directed learning aids, they are no substitute for the lessons you will get in class. I will use these lessons while teaching but there will be a great deal of additional information provided as I teach that is not in the written content on this page. It is in the best interest of students to pay close attention in class and to work throught the sample assignments I will give during the lessons before attempting assignments.

Because this course is in development, the lessons will appear in the list as I develop them.


My Digital Life - 4 Weeks

Lessons Assignments
What is ICT? DL - Assign 1- ICT In My Life
Are You Tech Savvy? DL - Assign 2 - Are You Tech Savvy Quiz
Copyrights and Wrongs DL - Assign 3 - Creative Commons Search Tools
Who Are You Online? DL - Assign 4 -Who Are You Online?
Being A Good Digital Citizen DL - Assign 5 -Being A Good Digital Citizen
Private Today, Public Tomorrow DL - Assign 6 -Private Today, Public Tomorrow
Managing Your Digital Footprint DL - Assign 7 -Managing Your Digital Footprint


Web Graphics (Adobe Illustrator) - 4 Weeks

The lessons for this unit will be taught through in-class demonstration. Each lesson will be followed by an assignment. The description of assignment requirements and assessment can be found below.

Lessons Assignments
Using The Drawing Tools AI-Assign 1 - Greeting Cards
Layers AI-Assign 2 - Tracing Objects
Pathfinder & Blending  
Special Effects & Exporting AI-Assign 3 - Creating Logos


Designing and Building a Simple Website (XHTML & CSS) - 4 Weeks

Lessons Assignments
History of the Internet and the World Wide Web WD-Assign 1 - Timeline
Internet VS. The World Wide Web WD-Assign 2 - Internet Flowchart
Is the Web Reliable? WD-Assign 3 - Trustworthy Site
Basic Webpage Structure & Template

Configuring TextEdit

Download Template - Right-Click and Save Link As

XHTML - Basic Syntax & Rules WD-Assign 5 - My First Webpage
Basic XHTML Tags - Organizing Webpage Content

WD-Assign 6 - Organizing Webpage Content

Sample Assignment - Digital Photography Basics

Using CSS - Decorating Elements On Your Page

WD-Assign 7 - Basic CSS Assignment

Sample Assignment - CSS Styles

Using CSS to Create A Layered Effect WD-Assign 8 - CSS Layered Design
Including Images in Your Webpages

WD-Assign 9 - Using Images in Webpages

Sample Assignment - My Favourite Celebrities


Digital Photos & Photoshop - 2 Weeks

Lessons Assignments


Working With Electronic Presentations (PowerPoint) - 3 Weeks

Lessons Assignments
Power Point Intro Lessons  
Lesson 1 - Getting Started in the Powerpoint Work Environment  
Lesson 2 - Working With Text Assignment 4 - Text in Powerpoint
Lesson 3 - Design Templates, Color Schemes & Backgrounds Assignment 5 - Applying Design Themes and Backgrounds
Working with Images  
Lesson 4 - Working With Pictures, ClipArt & WordArt Assignment 6 - Working with Images
Drawing In Powerpoint  
Lesson 5 - Working With Shapes  
Lesson 6 - Creating Custom Shapes Using Special Effects Assignment 7 - Drawing Practice
Lesson 7 - Complex Drawings Using Ordering Grouping Assignment 8 - Arranging & Grouping
  Assignment 9 - Comic Strip
Animation, Transition & Timing  
Lesson 8 - Animation Assignment 10 - Animation Practice
Lesson 9 - Transition & Timing  
Lesson 10 - Sound Effects and Soundtracks Assignment 11 - Television Commercial
Using Navigation features in Powerpoint