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Web Design & Interactive Websites

This course is a combination of two ICT courses. Students will learn about the basics of Web Design while also learning about interactive components of websites. Students will receive credit for two half-credit courses (WD35S & IW35S) upon completion of this course.

For more details regarding classroom rules, acceptable use and grading policies please download the course outline below.

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Lessons & Assignments

The table below presents a sequence of lessons for this course. While many lessons are worded so that they could be used as self-directed learning aids, they are no substitute for the lessons you will get in class. I will use these lessons while teaching but there will be a great deal of additional information provided as I teach that is not in the written content on this page. It is in the best interest of students to pay close attention in class and to work throught the sample assignments I will give during the lessons before attempting assignments.


XHTML & CSS - 8 Weeks

Lessons Assignments
Introductory Lessons
History of the Internet and the World Wide Web WD-Assign 1 - Timeline
Internet VS. The World Wide Web WD-Assign 2 - Internet Flowchart
Is the Web Reliable? WD-Assign 3 - Trustworthy Site
Basic Coding Lessons
Basic Webpage Structure & Template

Configuring TextEdit

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Download Template - Right-Click and Save Link As

XHTML - Basic Syntax & Rules WD-Assign 5 - My First Webpage
Basic XHTML Tags - Organizing Webpage Content

WD-Assign 6 - Organizing Webpage Content

Sample Assignment - Digital Photography Basics

Creating Lists - Unordered, Ordered, Nested WD-Assign 6a - Top Ten List
Validating Your Code - Using the W3C Validator WD-Assign 6b - Validating Your Previous Assignments
Using CSS - Decorating Elements On Your Page WD-Assign 7 - Basic CSS Assignment

Sample Assignment - CSS Styles

Using CSS to Create A Layered Effect WD-Assign 8 - CSS Layered Design
Including Images in Your Webpages

WD-Assign 9 - Using Images in Webpages

Sample Assignment - My Favourite Celebrities

Understanding and Using Links WD-Assign 10 - Product Website
Using Tables
Introduction to Tables WD-Assign 11 - Creating a Table
Table Tag Attributes WD-Assign 11 Continued...
Using Tables for Layout WD-Assign 12 - Table Layout
Advanced CSS
Defining CSS Rules and Classes WD-Assign 13 - Rules vs. Classes
  WD-Assign 14 - Element Boxes
Using CSS at the Text Level WD-Assign 15 - School Profile Page
CSS Tricks and Fun Stuff
Changing Link Styles  
Creating CSS Link Menus

WD-Assign 17 - CSS Rollover Menus


Using External Style Sheets  
Setting Images as Page Background WD-Assign 19 - Social Cause Website


Interactive Websites

Lessons Assignments
Intro to Dreamweaver  
Managing Sites